A vacation of charm in an old palace in the historic center

“In Montepulciano, from 1080, there lived a noble and wealthy family known as de’Pucci, who in the years to come would provide their country with many men who became illustrious in the field of science, the army, the magistrature and in the church hierarchy.

Their palazzo was in via Tolosa (or rather Talosa) in the parish of St. Maria, an old church later destroyed to make way for the late 16th Century cathedral. Today both via Talosa and the Pucci palazzo survive”.

All this can be read in a guide book of Montepulciano.

The palazzo, which after the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563) was destined to become an episcopal seminary, has had various owners including the famous Bellarmini family. San Roberto Bellarmini (also called Bellarmino), was a Jesuit Cardinal and a bitter opponent of Galileo Galilei. Another of the famous owners was the Ricci family.

After years of decay and neglect by a series of owners, in 1949 the palazzo was bought by Professor Attilo Caroti, who, after partially restoring it made it into the base for the prestigious Italian School of Mosaics.

In the 1980s, part of the palazzo, having been entirely restructured, became the hotel Meublé IL RICCIO, managed with love and attention by Giorgio and Ivana Caroti.

Every corner of the palazzo pays testimony to its history, especially the impressive courtyard at the entrance with its tiled floor and its pointed arches on two sides held up by travertine columns in Tuscan style and an independent-standing upper gallery in Ionic style.

The history of these walls has remained intact for those who would like to appreciate their fascination and their magic in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.