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Meuble Il Riccio   Meuble Il Riccio
Meuble Il Riccio   Meuble Il Riccio
Meuble Il Riccio   Meuble Il Riccio
Meuble Il Riccio
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Meuble Il Riccio
The Caroti family, a true Montepulciano family

The CAROTI family is a true Montepulciano family that has lived for generations in the shadows of the city’s renaissance palazzi and in the fresh, clean air of the Tuscan countryside.
They are simple, amiable people who love friendship and forming strong, sincere relationships with others.

The Meublé IL RICCIO is run by GIORGIO and IVANA who have been married for more than forty years. Giorgio is a retired bank manager and Ivana is the queen of the family and the house.
Their son IACOPO, hope and certainty for the future, lives nearby with his sweet wife MONICA and helps them with precious advices and strategies alongside the small sweet MATILDE, that looks to the Meuble as the grandparents hous, but already meets and entertains guests.

In the month of July 2013 has arrived already AMELIA befriends his sister.

Family men have different hobbies for their spare time, but they are just the same involving.

GIORGIO loves vintage cars and has a small collection of 8 of historical importance from the years 1935 to 1969. They are all perfect and ready for romantic tours along Tuscan countryside.

IACOPO is an enthusiast airplane pilot with his ultralight aircraft, in summer flies over beautiful Tuscan hills, lakes, valleys and mountain with the soul of a nature lover who acknowledge the handcraft and the affection of the Creator to this earth.

Talking with them about their passion and about the pleasure they get in practicing them as soon it is possible, our guests will have the sensation to get in touch with people in love with life and with magic moments it offers.

To sum it up, a “good” family, wich joyfully opens its doors to everyone wants to rejuvenate with a simple and quiet vacation.